Friday, March 19, 2010

The Adventures of the Incredible Bulk!!

Note: The Original Image is not my idea nor am I taking credit for that.
To see the original image google search homer hulk. In my design and composition class we had to find a black and white image and recreate it double the size and with paint. I changed the original image to grayscale and the original size was 6 by 6 inches. My painting is 12 by 12 inch. I hate painting I just don't have the patient to mix colors and get defined lines in paint and such it just isn't for me. I happy with how it turned out and I do enjoy the simpsons so it was a nice thing to paint.

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I made these pieces in my ceramics class and I am happy with how it turned out this was my first time working on clay like this so it was a whole new experience.

The piece below is one of the second thing I made during the coil project. The object of the project was to make coils and only coils to make things. This piece was made wraping a coil around then smoothing it out. I glazed it with a color called Moo's Blue and as you can see the color isn't blue that is because it is a apparently it was too thin a layer of glaze and if you do that then you get a caramel brown color but it is a happy little accident.

This dish I made during the coil project as well. The coil design is only on the interior of the piece. The design is a spiral in the center then a symmetrical design around the circular spiral shape. The glaze I chose was a initial dip into the oxblood which is a strong red color and then a dip into chun a light blue which would of given the piece a dark purple color. My teacher calls oxblood to be the masochist's glaze cause it often fails to give you that red you want. It was yet another happy little accident though as the light blue clear with hints of green that is on the piece looks really cool up close. There is also tiny cracks in parts of the glaze under the other one which gives the illusion of cracked ice or something to that effect at least.

Same piece farther away

This was a tree I made at the very beginning of class. I originally didn't know how to attach two piece together properly so this actually fell apart after the first firing when I was glazing it. The glaze actually turned into the right color this time I wanted it to be black. The tree part of the piece dropped into the glaze bucket when I was lifting it back up after the initial dip. Luckily it didn't make a splash I did though get glaze past my elbow reaching down into the bucket to find the tree. The glaze firing stuck the two piece back together again and I am happy that this piece is still good to go. I just wanted to make a tree and thought about a dish around it so I could put stuff in it or a shallow pool of water. Many girls in the class and my family told me it looks like a jewelery holder which it actually does function as one really well. rings and bracelets go on the tree branch really well. Nik-Naks can go in the dish it works out really well at this moment there is nothing I can use it for so for the time being I am just leaving it on a shelf.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

The flight of the paper plane

So the point of the assignment was to make an object look big because of the objects around it. In the picture I made it so the paper plane looks big because of the people in it. The image I uploaded on here has been cropped so you can notice the detail on the characters better. The class enjoyed the grandpa and bear some separately others liked the pairing. Also in honor of a bear a fellow student named Ronnie made I added a bear of my own to this project.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I think I should do another monkey ninja

This time I will draw him not in illustrator like I believe the previous one was drawn in.
We will see if I actually do it though.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lego Man as an Artist, 2010

A week ago I had to bring in a object from home to class. I picked a lego man with the item we had to do four thumbnail drawings approximately 3 inches squared. The images I have uploaded this time are: two photos of a lego man drawing, and a the entire thumbnail sketches page. The reason for the title is cause I am also currently enrolled in art history and we were discussing self portraits and many had such a title.

The next two pictures shows the lego man with a piece of graphite in his hands. I feel it must of been fate for me to find a piece of broken graphite that fit inside his hands perfectly cause the graphite piece was much wider than the normal 2hb pencil. I found it put it in his hands and proceeded to draw a image of him then move him in place to give the illusion he drew himself and that is what you see below

I then moved him to another thumbnail and took a picture. I think I prefer this one over the other but both are enjoyable images.

This image is of the entire drawing which on its own is a final piece I think.

Ultimately I had to chose one of the drawings and use it in the final draft which involved four boxes on a 18 x 24 in piece of paper 2 inch border all around and a 1 inch border crossing. I chose the lego man on the run and made him turn 90 degrees in each box making him stay in a never ending run. I will try to upload that image later

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pencil Tree!!!

Hey as I was looking back at previous post I noticed there is a lot of stuff I have not posted that I wanted to share with all you random people out there.

The images I am sharing with you in this post are pictures of projects for a class I took a couple of semesters ago. This art class was a 3d design class so there was no drawing just creating stuff from cut out paper, wood, and strings. There was also a final project which involved making a chair out of only found items at our homes.

Our first project was to make sandals using nothing but paper and glue. There was a test attached to this project we actually had to wear them and it had to hold our weight. I tried mine on and it actually took my weight. I was not aware it only had to take out weight we didn't need to walk in them so when I took one step forward it broke and almost fell over good times.

This was another project which involved using string to make a curved design with straight lines. We had a choice as to where to do the design and what design to do. I found this wood item in a thrift store I had to drill holes in this and let me tell you it was a pain in the ass. Putting the string through the holes was also a pain but now that it is over it has become a pleasant memory.

This was probably my favorite project in the class. This project was to stack flat pieces of wood to bring a sense of shape and it also had to have a function. I got an idea right away and this was it. I decided to make it function as a display for pencils and I thought that having pencils coming out like branches of a tree would be cool. It was my first time using an electric saw to cut out the pieces then I drilled holes in the side the size of the pencils to they have a hole to be placed in.

This was the final project the chair assignment. I was lucky cause I just so happen to of had a soda cooler shaped like a giant surge bottle in my backyard. I basically cut out an opening in the side of the bottle and wrapped it in black duct tape to smooth out the edges. Then I made a cushion and it was complete when I brought my chair to class it received a lot of praise and I also got an offer by someone to buy it. It is currently placed in the corner of my living room and could still function as a chair for any who visit.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

First Post of 2010

So here is the first drawing of 2010 for me. It is yet another Ink on acetate drawing using my rapidio-sketch pen. I am currently in the process of making a new composition using the same theme of Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Tales. The Idea popped into my head on I think friday and have been working on it a little bit at a time this weekend. Inside the drawing is 23 different stories if you want see if you can spot and identify all of them.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bottles! Bottles! Bottles! and maybe another bottle?

Well I am trying to stay true to my word that I will update this blog at least a few more time before the end of the year. This time I am showing off yet another class assignment in its completed form. The assignment involved me and my fellow classmates to gather in groups and draw these bottles in graphite pencil. There was a single primary light source coming from a little to the right of me so that is why there is very little shadows.

One other thing I had to take the pictures at an angle since the flash+graphite made a shine that ruined the view of the image.

This image kept the dark shade of graphite black I tried to get in the bottle to the left.

The image below is the my favorite between the two shots though on each image it seems to have better focus in one area compared to the other.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Folded Paper Project

Hello people I am trying to update my blog at least like three times by the end of the year which is approaching fast.

The image below is the folded paper assignment I did in my art class. The assignment was to draw an arrow design on a sheet of paper and draw it on another nicer sheet of paper. We had to draw the sheet of paper three times: flat, one fold, and one with two folds. We got to choose where to fold on the sheet but we weren't allowed to fold more than twice in total. I also chose the composition of the image I thought it would be cool if all the arrows pointed toward the center of the sheet.
I was messing around with Photoshop the other night and my friend Grant (person in image) asked for more zombie images to which I replied I will make you into a zombie which it was meant to be in more of mocking type of voice. The image involved me adding a real head wound image into his head inverting the color of his eyes and adding a bit of blurry red to the mouth area. I also made his skin color more pale and added a bit of dark blue under the eyes. The image I used as a background is a Grant Staples original not sure where he took it but enjoy.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Damn My first post of 2009 is in November

Hey all you ten people that find this site by accident how is it going?
well here are some new pieces of artwork I have been working on lately

Here is a project I was working on for Art class it involved me replicating a image of my
choosing I chose to take a picture of my own to draw.

Here is something I did for fun on saturday last weekend it is scanned into the computer
it is originally on clear plastic sheet called acetate drawn using a rapidiosketch pen.

The day after that I got a comment from a friend to color it and that is just what i did
I used photoshop to color the image and it was a very quick color job maybe one day i will take the time but it is good enough for now.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am yet again not clever enough for a title to this entry

Well first off I am still awake even though it is 6 in the morning. I am gonna go to sleep as soon as I am done posting. I drew these images right now I just had a sudden urge to draw so I put my headphones on listening to some music and just started drawing I drew other things but they weren't any good. I think the two I am posting is good though.
Once again Comments are much appreciated be it good or bad
I hope you enjoy my art thank you

This drawing I tried my hand at digital painting in photoshop as you can see it is a simply drawing but I like its simple lines and color and i am a beginner in painting.

This is a self-portrait of yours truely I drew a cartoony version of a picture I took of myself one late night awhile back. I thought a simple black outline was too plain so I added a sort of chalk smudge to outer rim.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emperor Nate and other friends

Well In this blog entry I thought hey why not post some photoshop pics I did using pictures of my friends and what not and here they are enjoy and if you are one of these people thank you.

Beware the dark side is strong with this one
BEHOLD the power of the pencils!

I stole a picture off of dan's myspace gallery and I thought since he is in umbrella why not give him something to kill behind him and thus Dan Zombie Hunter was born.

For the rest of my friends you are safe for now but one day I will be bored oh yes and your pictures will also be messed with (evil laughter) blah blah blah